Plus Addressing on Microsoft 365

Plus Addressing is a great way to quickly create custom (or disposable) email addresses based off your standard email address, by simply adding a ‘+’ suffix string to an existing email address in Office 365

Switch between channels (Office Insider) with Microsoft 365 Apps for Business or Enterprise

How to switch between channels with Microsoft 365 App for Business/Enterprise without re-installing with custom Install with a XML file.

Create your own handwritten font with Microsoft Font Maker

Make your own handwritten font with Microsoft Font Maker that you can download from the Microsoft Store.

PowerToys Weekly 34

This is the eight week of PowerToys for Windows 10 on my blog, this week we will look at the tool color picker that is part of the PowerToys.

Surface Travel Hub Review

On 30 of June I ordered a Surface Travel Hub to have with my Surface Book 3 and Surface Go. So now write review about it