PowerToys Weekly 22


This is the seventh week of PowerToys for Windows 10 on my blog, this week I will look at the tool Keyboard Manager that is part of the PowerToys version 0.18 that is released last week on Microsoft Build 2020.

This week version 0.18.1 version is released with bugfixes. You can so to the Releases on GitHub and find here always the latest version.

For now this will be the last weekly release, but there are released new tools or major changes to tools we will do again a PowerToys Weekly again.

Keyboard Manager what can you do with it

The name already gives it away, but you can remap your keys on the keyboard with it, but also remap your shortcut keys.


So this is the last PowerToys Weekly on my blog for some time till there will arrive a new tool in the PowerToys family. I did not see for myself any use case for the Keyboard Manager tool yet, but maybe in the future.