Counting down for the first Virtual MVP Summit 2020

First MVP Summit to attend as Windows Insider MVP

When I get awarded on the first of January 2020 for Windows Insider MVP, I registered for the MVP Summit 2020 and booked my flight ticket. I was counting down the days that I go to the Microsoft Campus in Seattle. A big dream of me to get there, working for 30 years in de IT and with Microsoft products.

COVID-19 Virus

Then the COVID-19 virus started in China and did see many events get canceled. On the 26 of February did get a mail from Microsoft with the title “Statement from MVP Summit about Coronavirus” and was like they go to cancel the event but when i read the mail they assured everyone that the event will go trough.

Then on the second of March, we get the other mail from Microsoft that the event will be an online-only event, so this was a big disappointment that day for me.

Virtual MVP Summit

Now today after many works from many Microsoft employees and community members that event will start in 2 hours as a virtual event and this all in Microsoft Teams.

André van den Berg
André van den Berg
Consultant, Blogger, Speaker, Meetup/Event Attendee, Owner of MyStickerBox

André is widely interested, eager to learn and a DevOps enthusiast. He has experience with various projects in the field of lift and shift of on-premise environments to Azure Cloud, migrating databases and web servers of customers at suppliers to their own Azure environments together with the supplier. In addition, he also set up standard Bicep Blueprints for rolling out Azure resources in a consistent way at multiple customers who were managed by MSP. André likes to share his knowledge and is a real team player. In addition, he can also work well independently and is pleasant to deal with.