PowerToys Weekly 19

Release Info

At the moment that I wrote this blog, the latest version of PowerToys is v0.17.0 and you can find and download the latest version here.


This is the fourth week of PowerToys for Windows 10 on our blog, this week we will look at the tool File Explorer that is part of the PowerToys.

File Explorer what can you do with it

Everyone knows the File Explorer but with the PowerToys you get some additional functionality with it, in the form of a preview pane for Markdown and SVG files. And when you are a developer you can also make your own preview handlers how they are called. There is also a big amount of information about how to make yourself a preview handler with .NET.

Information about File Explorer / Development of preview Handler

Step-By-Step Example

When you open the PowerToys you get the general settings and there you can enable File Explorer.

When you then click on the left on the File Explorer you can enable Markdown and/or SVG preview.

And in the future, I think there will come more preview handlers for common file extensions.