My review about the Microsoft Surface Headset

Review about Microsoft Surface Headset

I have bought a Microsoft Headset as I like very much the Surface hardware like the Surface Book that I use for my work and the Surface Pro 3 that I use private and the Surface Go since shortly also.


On my work, I have many phone conversations with Skype for Business and on my private tenant, I use Microsoft Teams. And the nice thing about the Microsoft Surface headset is that it’s Skype and Teams certified.


Also, you can pair it with more than one device at the same time.


The battery is also lasting long something like 12 hours.

It’s sitting comfortably and is not too heavy.


There is also an app for where you can update the firmware, reset de headset, see the level of noise-canceling and the volume of the headset.

To install the app when you not in the area where Cortana is available, you can change your region and location temporarily and install it from the store and after installed change your regio and location back.

Andre van den Berg
Andre van den Berg

Andre works with Azure, Office 365, Intune and automating things with PowerShell as a consultant at The Sourcing Company. He worked as a system/network administrator at Meyra for 18 years and helped people with everything related to IT while innovating the IT infrastructure at the same time. He enjoys attending meetups and events to learn new technologies, talk with interesting people and exchange stickers. He turned his hobby into his job and loves to blog, work on IoT projects at home and read books to his daughter.

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