Galactic Collaboration Summit 2020 - Day 1

Jun 2, 2020 9:00 AM — 6:00 PM

In these challenging times, the adoption of modern workplace, remote working and distance learning technologies has increased massively. Among our aims for the Galactic Collaboration Summit is to help businesses, schools, and individuals to navigate their way through the modern workplace, support their collaboration requirements, understand processes and challenges, and get acquainted with the technologies underneath it all. Galactic Collaboration Summit will be covering topics such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power Platform and business apps. Its aim is to bring business and technology together in these challenging times, to help the conference delegates make sound decisions in our rapidly changing world. The Galactic Collaboration Summit is a two days community-organized online event, where world-leading experts and speakers deliver a range of “what’s new” and “best practices” sessions.

The Galactic Collaboration Summit is NOT a replacement for the European Collaboration Summit, which will take place in autumn 2020. Galactic Collaboration Summit is there to address timely and relevant topics and help bring the community together, in these difficult and challenging times.

Why Galactic? People from the whole galaxy will attend it. It will be the largest Microsoft 365 focused online event of the year. Plus, we have a stellar speaker lineup. That’s why Galactic!

You will need to register for the GalacticSummit even if you are already registered for the CollabSummit.