Windows 10

PowerToys Weekly 16

Weekly we will look at one of the tools in PowerToys

New version (v0.10.761.0) of Windows Terminal Preview released today

What’s new in this version • Mouse Support (for WSL and Windows applications using ENABLE_VIRTUAL_TERMINAL_INPUT) o Applications running in WSL and Windows applications that use VT (instead of the traditional Win32 API) can now request mouse mode (#4848) (#4856) (#4859) The set of supported encodings and events is identical to that of the traditional console host.

Windows Terminal with Git in the prompt the nice way

How will you prompt be looking like when you are finished with reading and going trough the steps in the blog I will describe the steps to do how you can get a fancy prompt in Windows Terminal and PowerShell and also in WSL with Ubuntu.

Windows 10 App Notifications

Removing Apps from the notification list in Windows 10 Completely Some times you want to clean up the apps that are on the notification list. You can empty the list by removing the DB file wpndatabase.