Windows 10

Windows 10 Xbox Networking configuration for UBNT EdgeMax Pro 8 router

When testing Windows 10 as Windows 10 insider MVP i was seeing that i did get errors at Xbox Networking at Gaming section in the Settings menu. So did some research on the internet and configured the UBNT EdgeMax Pro 8 router that i am using for my Internet connection to XS4All Fiber to the Home (FFTH) connection.

Windows 10 Storage Sense Explained

Everyone had the moment, that you get a notification that you disk is nearly full, or when you want to update Windows 10 you get a popup with the warning to free up some space on your disk

Logon to your Windows 10 device with Azure AD and Security Key

In this blog I will show how you can use a Security Key from for example Yubico or eWBM to logon to your device with an Azure AD account.

PowerToys Weekly 17

This is the second week of PowerToys for Windows 10 on our blob, this week we will look at the tool Image Resizer that is part of the PowerToys.

Review about eWBM Goldengate Security Keys

Will tell how I did experience the eWBM keys (G320 with USB-C) and (G310 with USB-A) that I did get as Starter Kit from eWBM